Car park



“The isothermic body is an airtight system in which constant temperature is maintained thanks to a layer of insulating material”

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“Refrigerated vegetables and fruits, meat, fish and dairy products are transported. Fresh vegetables. With a temperature of +20C – 20C”

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“It is possible to deliver various goods. It is convenient to load and unload cargo, which can be carried out from different sides of the body”

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Car with side

“An on-board platform, or cargo on-board vehicle, is a mode of transport designed to carry goods as well as goods that do not require the creation of special storage conditions”

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“To transport oversized heavy goods. Agricultural equipment (combines, cranes, excavators), military equipment, large machines, drilling rigs, wheelsets, railway parts”

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Truck minibus

“Carry a small amount of cargo. This transportation is much faster than ordering a wagon, especially if you can not fill it completely, and the prefabricated flight in the right direction is no”

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“Exclusive conditions for each client, a large selection of vehicles,
with a carrying capacity of 1 ton and more.
Delivery of goods is made in a timely manner, we also provide fast delivery of the car for loading”

“Reducing the cost of delivering goods by road in any direction in Ukraine. Daily delivery of goods in Ukraine more than 2000 tons allow us to improve the quality
of our work every minute”

“When fulfilling each order, we take into account all the details, because, being responsible for the safety of the client’s property, we can not afford to lose sight
of any nuance”

“Whatever cargo you provide – valuable, perishable, bulky – we will select the
most profitable type of transport to reduce your transportation costs”


Intercity freight transportation across Ukraine

“Cargo transportation across Ukraine. We have at our disposal tilt eurotrucks with an all-metal body for palletized and box cargo Our specialist will select a vehicle of the appropriate size and capacity. We carry out transportation of goods to all regional centers in Ukraine. Order passing cargo transportation by phone or through the feedback form”

Freight traffic through the city

“We offer favorable rates, carry out cargo transportation around the city and beyond it. The cost of transportation in the city depends on the weight and volume cargo, from the time of car operation, from the distance for transportation. It is very easy to transport cargo around the city and region with us To find out the exact for the price of cargo transportation you need to call our specialist and describe in detail what, where and at what time you need to transport the goods”

Groupage cargo transportation

“If you need to deliver a relatively small cargo that does not occupy the whole freight car or transport a small shipment through Ukraine. This mode of transportation reduces transport costs when delivering small quantities of goods. Contact our manager for advice”

Transportation with temperature control

“Refrigerators for perishable goods. Flowers, vegetables, fruits, meat products, plants, medicines, frozen semi-finished products, raw materials and paint. In the warm period sub-zero temperature, in cold time, plus temperature. Isotherm is for cargoes sensitive to overheating or hypothermia. It is enough to contact us by phone or through a form of feedback”

Cargo transport from Europe to Ukraine

“International freight traffic. These are various fabrics, clothing and shoes, cosmetics, perfumes and medical equipment. Electronics and appliances, as well as building materials and special industrial equipment are in demand. Let’s find you the best option to deliver goods to Europe from Ukraine”

Cargo transport to the Cis countries

“Shipping to countries, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova , Tajikistan, Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Uzbekistan. You can order freight in the CIS by calling the contact number of the phone or simply leaving an application on the company’s website. With us, sending goods to CIS countries will be profitable, fast and convenient”

Transport building materials

“Wood, metals, cement, brick, sand, mortars paint materials, natural stones. Schalandas and on-board trucks – for small special equipment and construction equipment. If you want to get quality services on freight, then contact our company “MAK-GROUP””

Carry an oversized cargo

“Low-frame trawls-heavy trucks. For the transportation of beams and metal structures, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, yachts and boats, combines, tractors, excavators, military equipment. The dimensions of which exceed the size and weight allowed during transportation. Order shipping in our company, submit an application on-line”

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“In addition to the classic
shipment from point A to point B,
we can also provide you with the following”

Apartment moving

“Moving to a new place of residence is always a sea of positive emotions, vivid impressions, expectation of a qualitatively new life. Frustration can overtake when it comes to collecting and transporting things. Move sofa, closet, bed, books, paintings, carpets, clothes, appliances, kitchen furniture, tools, rest. Transport company MAK-GROUP performs apartment crossings around the city. All regional centers have our representative office. We can also transport valuable, fragile, heavy and oversized items to another city of Ukraine, to the European Union, cis countries”

Office move

“One of the activities of MAK-GROUP is the organization of office crossings in the city and Ukraine. We use Gazelles and cargo vans to transport office furniture, equipment and other customer property. These cars are quite roomy, but at the same time compact and maneuverable. This makes it easy to use them to transport goods on city roads and to deliver directly to the doors of the new office space. We will provide you with not only a car with an experienced driver, but also (if the customer wishes) a team of qualified movers with all the necessary tools and packaging materials. Also help to pick up the necessary transport”

About company

“The company “”MAK-GROUP”” LLC is engaged in cargo transportation throughout Ukraine, Europe and the CIS countries. We have extensive experience in the transportation of goods, and solving all kinds of problems with them. Among our clients are small and medium-sized businesses, individual entrepreneurs, manufacturing plants, and manufacturing companies.

In such a large country as Ukraine, logistics occupies a very important part in any production company. We are ready to offer a comprehensive approach to solving logistical problems for your business. Transport equipment, equipment, food that require temperature. An oversized cargo that exceeds the allowable size. You can also order a car crane service for loading and unloading equipment. If you need to load cargo onto a car and transport it, we use cars with a manipulator that can do it. If necessary, we can provide a car with a tail lift for the carriage of goods in Ukraine.

The most important thing for us is to save your time, as we know its price. We plan the schedule and schedule of the dispatches of our transport. Therefore, working with us, you can always be sure that your cargo will be delivered on time!

Our undoubted plus – exclusive conditions for each customer, a large selection of transport, cargo capacity from 1 ton and above. Also available are cars with a refrigerator and isothermic body, on-board cars, platform cars, for the transportation of containers. Eurofur with all kinds of loading (loading rear, side, upper loading is necessary for loading by crane or crane beam. Representation in all regional centers of Ukraine.
We love to solve logistical problems of any complexity!